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Professional web design and software development, software localization and business translation services covering German, English and Romanian languages, outsourcing of your customer relationship business covering both German and Romanian market, consulting and marked analysis using our business network, this all are our offer based on fairness and competence.

We can help you in various areas of your business, providing you custom software solutions covering all IT layers from database storage until web presence and publishing, enable your products for a different language or pushing your product in a new market.

We can add value for your customer relationship and improve the communication with your customers, organizations, other companies or authorities using native language speakers.


Our consulting offer covers following business areas:

  • Romanian market specifics, covering regional dependencies, authorities and legal topics
  • Intercultural differences between USA, U.K. , German and Romanian business cultures
  • Academical Romanian structures and networks
  • Business outsourcing in low cost markets
  • Software development and software architectures
  • Usage of open source software
  • Web design

Our development, web design and localization services offer covers:

  • software development based on specification, various technologies including C, C++ and Java
  • software research, you have an idea, we productize and provide a "ready-to-sale" product
  • software architecture, from small to enterprise systems
  • database design, covering most used database systems on both Windows, Linux and UNIX operating systems
  • web design, from idea to complete implementation
  • web hosting maintenance and administration
  • web site optimizations, from browser compatibility, page load speed until search engines and ranking optimization
  • software localization for both German, English and Romanian languages

Our outsourcing services offer includes:

  • translation services
  • software development
  • software localization for both English, German and Romanian languages
  • Web design and web presence implementation

Our translation services for bussines correspondence includes:

  • Romanian to German translation
  • Romanian to English translation
  • English to Romanian translation
  • German to Romanian translation